Welcome to the journey of the setBfree DSP tonewheel organ! setBfree is based on the code of Fredrik Kilander's Beatrix organ emulator. He generously gave us permission to use his code for our GPL organ emulator. This beta release reaches our first milestone of getting the organ working with a Jack interface, a usable GUI, much of the functionality split to LV2 plugins with a new IR based Leslie effect, and released at this GitHub project, setBfree GitHub.

Now on November 3, 2013 we're beginning the next era of documentation! We started with a description of how to use the new 3D OpenGL plugin 3D GUI Robin Gareus has added. Here is the setBfree in 3D that kicked off our official docs.

The two docs for using Ardour2 with setBfree have been replaced by Ardour3 in 3D. This is actually a perspective on understanding Ardour3 with a basic set of features used in a project including the setBfree plugin. There was more demand for a doc to get those I worked with to get up to speed on Ardour3 than a desire for a more elaborate setBfree doc right now. The community has spoken, and this is the result.

The next doc will be an explanation of how to use the setBfree plugin in a more modular way with a bunch of smaller applications instead of inside Ardour3 alone.

Here is a short sample Larry made last December when we were making sure he liked the workflow before writing our second Ardour 2 doc; Larry Billingsley playing setBfree. This is "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," "Wade in the Water," "Swing Low," and finally it started as "Stand By Me," but it kind of vamped as we were testing the leslie/drawbars.

Enjoy setBfree!