This is a celebration that the hell on earth of figuring out how our setBfree plugin's OpenGL and LV2 functionality is done, especially the OpenGL! It is up on the web now to give Robin a heads up for what's coming July 4th when we start going live on setBfree the Next Level.

This doc will morph as we use it for LV2 and OpenGL projects until it will provide a sweet method not only for setBfree development, but using these components in other apps. This is my fifth attempt at writing this, and now it finally has the combination of everything connecting without going too deep into any one area. It's now a good clay starting point for our next era, and there are plenty of notes to bring in as needed.

The crux of this is the Overview and its branches, the OpenGL and LV2 sections. The PUGL section got messy each time I tried to expand it, so I put the very basics in the Overview, and we'll write that section after our direction is honed, including whether we end up using PUGL in our work flow.