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Ardour Explanation

Welcome to the journey of the setBfree DSP tonewheel organ! While this is the web page, the source code the info on how to install and operate it are here at setBfree GitHub. Here we have a few resources on the links in the left panel described on this page after the story of setBfree.

setBfree is essentially a relationship between two programmers through C code. Fredrik Kilander wrote Beatrix, a DSP organ that he allowed to be downloaded and used, but without permission to alter the source code.

Robin Gareus wrote a wrapper around it that allowed it to be used on modern Linux systems, as it used the oss sound architecture that preceded AlSA. Frederick gave me permission to release the Beatrix code with an open source license.

I sent a courtesy email to Robin telling him the code would be available on the web, and he thought it better to release it as a fully updated app, which he then did after I got it up on Github

Robin wore all hats for getting setBfree not just done and polished, but out to distros etc. The core engine is still Frederick's wonderful code, but Robin went far beyond packaging as he included others who advised him on improving features including the Leslie, and building whatthe very useful OpenGL GUI that started as a proof of concept addition.

Now fully mature, updates have slowed down, as Robin has succeeded in our goal of setting Beatrix free.

As to the links to resources on the left panel, here is what they contain:

The first link is an overview of the openGL GUI available if setBfree is built as an LV2 plugin. The secoond is a description of how connecting all the C source fits together. Many who read it think it's too rock for country and too country for rock and roll, as it may be too terse for most users, and not deep enough for those with serious C experience. I also got down right coy in some ot the writing style as I was quite jaded by the time I figured out how it all fit together, but it can at least be a kick start for the proven and can keep curious intermediates from going through what I went through.

The last link is an outdated explanation of how the Ardour DAW fits together, which is a popular host for our lv2 plugin. I wrote it because friends trying to use it as a base for audio work with our organ plugin found all the options of Ardour overwhelming. While better received, the front end of Ardour has been completely re-written, but it still goes over a work flow of its main features.

Enjoy setBfree!